Browns WR Gordon will start Sunday vs. Chargers

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Browns WR Gordon will start Sunday vs. Chargers

Wayne Jackson was the AFL chief executive from 1996 until 2003 before handing the reigns to Andrew Demetriou and has backed the fans' opinions, along with new AFL boss, Gillon McLachlan.

"I do believe the absolute minimum of tinkering of rules you can cheap chicago bears jerseys get away with the better," he said.

"Gillon McLachlan has sort of touched on wanting to reconnect with the fans and get closer to the fans and one of the things they'll pay attention to is not to make changes for changes' sake."

Jackson said the debate over rules goes back to the very beginning of the game and will continue long into the future, but from a personal point of view, he's as confused as the fans about some of the interpretations.

He also said coaches were all too willing to adapt to rule changes.

"I'm just like everyone else, I just love the game and at times I get confused with the push in the back, and they give you too long before they pay holding the ball," he said.

"Every rule that gets introduced or interpretation that's changed, coaches find a way around it or through it or how to negate it or how to exploit it and it will forever be thus.

"You just don't az cardinals jerseys for sale want to think a bloke changing a rule bills store will fix everything because coaches will have some other variation.

"The rolling maul has largely come about because of the fantastic tackling initiated by Sydney five or six years ago and now adopted by Fremantle and increasingly by the top teams, and you don't want to stop that because it's a fantastic part of our game."

6PR's Sports Today will look at all these issues and more in a special edition of the show on Wednesday night, with an expert panel led by Karl Langdon and Peter Bell discussing the future of the game at the Subiaco Football Clubrooms at Patersons Stadium.